Children’s Dentists: Healthy Teeth, One Child At A Time

Children's dentists attend additional years of dental college in order to specialize in pediatric care. These dentists strive to help children have healthy and strong teeth. These are some things that children's dentists can do for kids and their families: 1. Make sure kids' teeth are growing properly. Babies are born toothless. As kids grow, they will acquire baby teeth and eventually grow their permanent teeth. The doctor-patient relationship should begin as soon as your child's first tooth begins to emerge. Read More 

Should You Consider Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a process that can help many people who might otherwise have trouble getting dental care. Some folks require it more than others do, though. If you're thinking about sedation as an option, you should consider if you're dealing with a situation like one of these five. Extreme Anxiety A doctor will usually consider giving a patient a prescription for some type of anti-anxiety pill before going for full sedation. Read More 

5 Signs You Might Want To Talk With A Cosmetic Dentist

Many people hear the term cosmetic dentistry and assume it's entirely about aesthetics or even vanity. However, there are plenty of good reasons to discuss cosmetic dental services. If you're dealing with any of these 5 cosmetic problems, talk to a dentist about them. Discoloration Even if the teeth seem to be otherwise healthy, discolored teeth could be a sign of something going on. If it's not a bigger problem, discolored teeth can still wear on a person's confidence. Read More 

Protecting A Damaged Tooth With A Dental Crown

Over the course of your life, there are many dental treatments that you may need to undergo. The placement of a crown is often needed when a patient has suffered extensive damage to one of their teeth. Having a crown placed over the damaged tooth can add substantial support to it so that the tooth will be far less likely to break, crack or suffer other substantial damage. The Tooth's Shape Will Need To Be Adjusted Read More 

Multiple Extractions Of Baby Teeth: Why It Might Be Needed

If you're a parent who slips some money under your child's pillow each time they lose a tooth, you might need to put some cash aside when your child's pediatric dentist tells you that your child needs a certain procedure. Sometimes it's necessary to extract multiple baby teeth before they would have fallen out of their own accord. But why does this need to happen? Dental Crowding Dental crowding is a relatively common problem. Read More